Action selection for product stocking and arranging using robots in a retail environment An introductory survey

by Arthur Helsloot/

Arthur Helsloot


Stocking and arranging shelves in grocery stores is a repetitive task currently performed by humans. Due to its relatively repetitive nature, this task could be automated to physical workload on humans in the retail sector. Even though the task is repetitive, it contains a lot of different subtasks, from transporting the products from the storeroom to the shelves, to checking expiration dates on products with uncertain poses. Many different robotics disciplines, from navigation and vision to dexterous manipulation, will have to come together to find a complete solution to this problem. To promote research in similar tasks, several robot challenges have already been set up, like the Amazon Picking Challenge [6], [7], [8], [39] and the Future Convenience Store Contest [46], [35].

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