Towards a dependable mobile robot localization systems: A system reconfiguration approach

by Shreyash Palande/

Shreyash Palande


Service robots are being developed for assisting humans in homes and offices [1], and substantial efforts are being made to make robots more reliable and safe to work around humans. But robots usually fail in real-world when deployed for a long period of time. This literature survey focuses on various questions which are related to dependable autonomous robots in retail environment such as what are the important aspect for dependability, what kind of challenges and failures can occur in retail environment related to localization, what methods are available to perform Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) and how to recover from a fault, how can reconfiguration can be useful for fault recovery, etc. This literature tries to provide the answers to the questions and form a basis for final thesis work which aims at developing a dependable robot localization system using a system reconfiguration approach.

  • Delft
  • Localisation
  • Metacontrol
  • Robotics